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6b MK2


Hi carl

I love it pal you are so talented , can't stop smiling :-) It so perfect thanks for all the other gear for the watch too. Just to say again many thanks for all your hard work, it looks mint .

Hi Carl … SB here,

Wanted to pop you a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying my watch. I continue to get nice comments about it, and I love the feel of it on my wrist. The new leather straps you sent me fit like a glove.


Got it. Forgive me for using a baseball metaphor, but I think you hit a home run on this first at bat. Absolutely stunning. Outstanding quality all the way through. Your presentation is breathtaking. The watch itself feels as if a grandparent who was a veteran left me his watch. My head knows it's brand new, but my heart feels it's an heirloom. I sure wish I'd had one of these when I was on active duty. I look forward to taking it out and getting some patina going.

 Hello Carl.

The good folks of FedEx dropped off the package today. And as you can tell I tucked right in...!I love the whole thing - package, watch, straps, leather pouch, etc. I'm thrilled to have 13/20 of this unique watch.

Overall “mighty impressed”!
Add this to the way you have handled the whole process I feel I have just purchased possibly the most valuable watch of my 50+ watch collection.


            First I want to thank you, the watch is amazing. I received it a few weeks ago, and I wanted to give it a good test run before I emailed you. - Anyways thanks again Carl, it is an awesome product and I am proud to wear it.

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Hi carl

I love it pal you are so talented , can't stop smiling :-) It so perfect thanks for all the other gear for the watch too. Just to say again many thanks for all your hard work, it looks mint .



Welcome to 6B watches.


Owned and run by Carl Evans here in the heart of Surrey, United kingdom.  



It's surely every watch enthusiasts dream to own his or her own micro watch brand and see how the brand can grow and develop.  Since I got into watches I have often thought about this and often did doodles and sketches of my perfect watch, haven't we all, no? maybe just me then!   I am ex UK forces having served nearly 25 years in the Royal Air Force as a Survival Equipment fitter. During that time I worked on and with many aircraft from my all time favourite, the mighty English Electric Lightning, to Hunters, F4 Phantoms, Avro Shackeletons, Buccaneers, Jaguars and Tornados.  I was also fortunate enough to fly in many aircraft from Shackletons, Jaguars and the trump card BBMF Lancaster bomber, PA 474 one of only two flying in the world.


Naturally my preference for watch design is for military inspired timepieces and specifically pilots watches. I love the simple designs, the legible dials and general no fuss approach to the designs of these watches.  I have owned my fair share of nice watches over the years but my absolute favourite is my humble CWC Pilots Chronograph. 


So how did 6B watches come about?  From around 2012 I had been seriously trying to get this project off the ground but I took things slowly and when the time was right I put together the debut 6B watch, the MK1.

The watch and presentation were very well received by bloggers, forum threads and collectors. The MK1 quickly sold out after release in September 2013.


Many micro brands take time to do a big build up prior to any manufacture and launch, releasing product renders and teaser shots etc. This gathers interest in the model and very often the first batches are sold on pre order before being actually being launched, especially for the more established micro brands. This is perfectly fine for the more well known brands but at the time I released the MK1 I wanted to avoid this. You may wonder why I didn't do a pre-launch build up but the answer is quite simple. If I had done all that and the project had fallen through or if there had been delays on any date I had given for a launch then It would look quite unprofessional, and I don't want to look unprofessional, I take my work and products very seriously. The other good point is that now you have no long wait, no deposits to pay and no wondering what the final product will look like.  Apart from the small lead time to make 6B packaging and straps, the whole package is ready to go. If you like it, buy it, if you don't like it no time wasted and move on.


The effort and detail I put into my products is evident, from my gasgasbones goods through to the 6B watches. Please remember that I design and produce as much as I can 'in house' (See Snap shot)  I dont simply place a watch in a cheap generic Asian made wallet and sling in a couple of straps. Its not about churning out watch after watch and chasing the ££. I have a real passion for creating the very best I can from the best cards I have been dealt.


There are a ton of excellent micro watch brands out there these days. With plenty to chose from I believe my products stand out from many other micro brands due to the quality and attention to detail I insist on before presenting my watches for sale. When choosing your next micro brand watch be sure to compare against a 6B and see who offers the best value for money once all options are weighed up.


I truly hope you like what you see among these pages.


Carl Evans