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6b MK2


Hi carl

I love it pal you are so talented , can't stop smiling :-) It so perfect thanks for all the other gear for the watch too. Just to say again many thanks for all your hard work, it looks mint .

Hi Carl … SB here,

Wanted to pop you a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying my watch. I continue to get nice comments about it, and I love the feel of it on my wrist. The new leather straps you sent me fit like a glove.


Got it. Forgive me for using a baseball metaphor, but I think you hit a home run on this first at bat. Absolutely stunning. Outstanding quality all the way through. Your presentation is breathtaking. The watch itself feels as if a grandparent who was a veteran left me his watch. My head knows it's brand new, but my heart feels it's an heirloom. I sure wish I'd had one of these when I was on active duty. I look forward to taking it out and getting some patina going.

 Hello Carl.

The good folks of FedEx dropped off the package today. And as you can tell I tucked right in...!I love the whole thing - package, watch, straps, leather pouch, etc. I'm thrilled to have 13/20 of this unique watch.

Overall “mighty impressed”!
Add this to the way you have handled the whole process I feel I have just purchased possibly the most valuable watch of my 50+ watch collection.


            First I want to thank you, the watch is amazing. I received it a few weeks ago, and I wanted to give it a good test run before I emailed you. - Anyways thanks again Carl, it is an awesome product and I am proud to wear it.

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Hi carl

I love it pal you are so talented , can't stop smiling :-) It so perfect thanks for all the other gear for the watch too. Just to say again many thanks for all your hard work, it looks mint .

Welcome to the 6B MKIII 'Scramble'

The third watch from 6B follows on the theme from the previous two in that I have tried to keep the watch as simple, as legible and as clutter free as possible. I hate to see busy dials with unnecessary print or over done design. I even hate date windows, especially on a mil style watch.  The back is also fresh and unique, but more of that later.  
A significant upgrade has been made with the dial on the MKIII.  The dial sports machined sub-dials on the jet black face giving the dial some depth. A generous application of  Super Luminova lume pips also add to the dials depth. A small 6B logo is all that is needed for this gorgeous dial. The face really is stunning under the domed anti reflective coated crystal. I hope I have captured it as well as possible with my images. 
The case also is absolutely stunning. Superbly well made with a polished body and fine brushed bezel.  I believe 'Scramble' is punching well above its weight and would happily put this at the side of much more established brands for a 'pepsi challenge'  Honestly, whether you like the design of the watch or not, the sheer quality of this piece shines through.  Going forward with the brand, these upgrades are a massive step in the right direction for 6B watches. 
Case back.  Another turn off for me is the fact that a lot of watch designs just seem to cram as much info as possible on the back.  It just doesn't float my boat, but each to their own I guess so please dont take umbridge if you dont agree. Its just my opinion.  Personally, I'd much rather have something simple and meaningful to the design and that is what I have done with 'Scramble'
While looking at some old Pathe war time footage of the Battle Of Britain I came across a clip of a chap frantically ringing a scramble bell like crazy and all the aircrew running for their aircraft. The bell also bore some text. Ah-har, I thought !! That would look pretty cool on the back of my watch. So that is what is depicted here in the Scramble bell and the text.
I really love it. Its different, quirky and meaningful. I hope you love it too.  I also offer this watch with a display back. There is obviously little room for much engraving so we simply have the 6B-Scramble and then at the opposite side I have placed the dates of the Battle of Britain. 
The presentation of a watch is just as important to me than the watch itself.  Sure, I could offer this watch at a cheaper price by shipping in a cheap case surrounded by pluck foam but I just couldn't bring myself to do it !  Ive put a hell of a lot of effort and cash into the watch, why would I let it down by posting in an uninspiring case or box !  So I take the time and effort to get the presentation just right. It pushes the price up but in my opinion the finished product as a whole is worth the effort. 
The 'ammo' presentation box gave me a few headaches ! It is all designed and made by myself and after lots of protos, we have the finished box, at last !  The watch sits in the centre with a representation of a Spitfire instrument panel placed on top in which the watch shows through as one of the dials. Once lifted, the watch head is seen sitting in the aperture and is released when the tabs are pushed down and the watch head pinched and lifted.  You will find the spring bars inside the spring bar tool. Unscrewing the fork end and shaking the tool will release the spring bars.
The micro wallet is there already to use. A simple wallet for lightweight manoeuvres, either in your Spitfire or just to take to the shops if you dont want the bulk of a full wallet for the day ! The engraving depicts the  firing order of the Rolls Royce V12 Merlin aero engine. On the reverse is the 6B logo and if you wish, your name can be engraved.
At the other side of the watch we have a Phoenix NATO G10. Phoenix are the original G10 strap and still supply the MOD to this day. There is also one of my own designed and made nylons in Olive drab. This strap has loads of strapping holes and will give tons of adjustment. It has its own buckle, engraved here at HQ.  
The top of the lid sports invasion stripes. Yes, I know thats a different campaign than the BOB but it looks cool and adds some great detail and contrast to the box.  The lid can also have a personalised engraving with an 'issued to' plate fitted if desired. Under the lid we have the instructions, the warranty expiry date and an engraving of a Spitfire. 
So there we have the MKIII 'Scramble'  I truly hope you like it . If its not for you, no problems. Thank you for reading this far.  As you can Imagine, I have put a mass of effort into this package to get it to this stage. From the beautifully made watch to the presentation, the whole package is just so cool and more importantly, unique !!
I believe the price I am charging for this package represents real value for money.  Sure, you can buy lots of great watches these days from micro brands and more established brands but please stack the MKIII up against another possible choice.  Take into account components used, their origin and how the watch comes to you. The MK3 Scramble could just become your new favourite watch. 
As a one man band and not having pots of cash to spend on advertising etc I rely a lot on the support of #watchfam to spread the word. If you like what you see here and would like to help, please feel free to share a link to friends and watch forums.  
Thank you for your time and for reading this far.
Carl Evans 

Serving members and veterans of the armed forces qualify for a £100 discount on 'Scramble'

Please contact me with proof of service before making any purchase.