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6b MK2


Hi carl

I love it pal you are so talented , can't stop smiling :-) It so perfect thanks for all the other gear for the watch too. Just to say again many thanks for all your hard work, it looks mint .

Hi Carl … SB here,

Wanted to pop you a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying my watch. I continue to get nice comments about it, and I love the feel of it on my wrist. The new leather straps you sent me fit like a glove.


Got it. Forgive me for using a baseball metaphor, but I think you hit a home run on this first at bat. Absolutely stunning. Outstanding quality all the way through. Your presentation is breathtaking. The watch itself feels as if a grandparent who was a veteran left me his watch. My head knows it's brand new, but my heart feels it's an heirloom. I sure wish I'd had one of these when I was on active duty. I look forward to taking it out and getting some patina going.

 Hello Carl.

The good folks of FedEx dropped off the package today. And as you can tell I tucked right in...!I love the whole thing - package, watch, straps, leather pouch, etc. I'm thrilled to have 13/20 of this unique watch.

Overall “mighty impressed”!
Add this to the way you have handled the whole process I feel I have just purchased possibly the most valuable watch of my 50+ watch collection.


            First I want to thank you, the watch is amazing. I received it a few weeks ago, and I wanted to give it a good test run before I emailed you. - Anyways thanks again Carl, it is an awesome product and I am proud to wear it.

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Hi carl

I love it pal you are so talented , can't stop smiling :-) It so perfect thanks for all the other gear for the watch too. Just to say again many thanks for all your hard work, it looks mint .

The MK2 is long sold out - pages left here for reference only  


6B - H↑S9 - MK2  Pilots chronograph.


Like the MK1 the MK2 is designed purely as a tool where function firmly follows form. There is nothing on the watch to mislead the owner of exactly what the watch was made for. From the highly legible, uncluttered dial to the simple military inspired engraving on the case back. Hopefully I have captured the essence of this style of watch in the MK2.


Manufactured in limited numbers with an LE run of just 50 watches total. Each watch is individually numbered and packaged within its own numbered Oak or aluminium case.


Component parts of the MK2 are from either the United Kingdom or Europe, there are zero Asian sourced components in the MK2 package.  


Case :

The case has a large signed crown which is recessed within the guards and features rectangular pushers. The fixed bezel has a finely serrated coin edge.  Case back features a large 6B logo and ref number of the watch along with the LE number. 

I deliberately kept the case back engraving to the minimum (and in military style ) as I much prefer the cleaner look giving the watch a more working military feel. You can read the specification of the watch here, I don't think it needs to clutter up the back of the watch with unnecessary engraving.


Dial :

The dial is printed in pure white and Galvanic black. Galvanic Black kills almost all the light falling on it so there is no pereivable light reflected back.  The dial has SuperLumiNova applications on the hour pips. I had the option of having the watch and dial in the day date configuration, just the date or without either.  I chose to have neither because personally I don't like a date window on any watch. I can put up with it on some watches but as I had the option, I omitted it on the MK2. 


Hands :

Slim highly legible hand set in white. The hour and minute hands are luminous in SuperLuminova and colour matched to the dial lume.


Straps :

Each watch comes with two GasGasBones made straps. I have included a 'vintage military' NATO style pull though in dark brown and thick brown stitch. The strap is lined with soft goat skin leather. The second strap I have included is my nylon SPV1, complete with home machined 6B buckle. Both these straps perfectly compliment the military, tool look and feel of the MK2.


Spare spring bar holder :

Custom machined in my workshop. 


Packaging :

As well as making the straps It gives me enormous pleasure to be able to design, create and make my own packaging for my watches. Even though it takes me a lot of time, effort and money. I believe the finished product shows the care and attention to detail I put into all my products, can any other watch manufacturer boast they physically manufacture their own straps and packaging? This is something I am very proud of doing and helps me stand out from other micro brands that may use off the shelf straps and more generic packaging to showcase their watches.  I've designed and made the packaging on the MK2 to be functional, unique and good looking. There are two options for the presentation when ordering a MK2. The first presentation case is laser cut from solid aluminium  and metal work is ceramic coated in Cerakote. Cerakote is used extensively in the weapons industry as it is a super tough, micron thin coating. The top lid section I have polished while the 6B frame I have 'grained' with a course brushed look for contrast.  There are two colour options when ordering the MK2, Black or olive drab.

While the MK1 was presented in leather casework I wanted to make the presentation of the MK2 much more rugged looking with hints of aircraft design and have a much more masculine feel to it.  The 6B frame simply slots in place or can be left off if desired.

I plan on making watch head storage cases in similar designs in the coming months. 

After trying different things I think the added effort and expense of the Cerakote finish is justified when compared to the other options I tried.   I experimented with standard painting, which is hard on aluminium without a lot of prep and I also tried powder coating a proto case too. Powder coating left a coat too thick due to the tight tolerances of the rivet holes and the slots for dropping the 6B frame into.  Custom made foam inserts for the watch and straps and the insert for the 6B embossed card boxes finish off the presentation.


The second option is an Oak or African Sapele case designed and made by myself here in my workshop.  CNC routed solid wood with perfectly fitted reccesses for the straps, spring bar tool and of course, the watch. A small Military Ident plate is engraved with your watch number and set into the wood also.  I had originaly thought of using hinges like most other wooden boxes but I wanted to make something differant and unique. Im so pleased with the both designs and I hope you agree that they are completely differant to what you may have seen before from other micro brands ! 


Warranty information :

The warranty information is incorporated into metal foil fitted to the case lids of both the Aluminium and wood case. This foil also has the time setting instructions and the LE number of the watch.